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Abstract expressionism and the way I see things...

'Abstract paintings can stir our emotions, creatively inspire us, and add a greater level of depth to an entire room simply through the artist’s use of color, shape, and texture. Alongside music, abstract art is among the purest forms of expression, as it allows artists the freedom to communicate feelings and emotions unconstrained by forms found in objective reality.'

In juxtaposition to the detailed, precision work of Mehndi, my bold abstract paintings give me the freedom of expression I often crave. 

My current creative phase is teaching me to be in the here and now, to trust my instincts, and to be conscious of my inner monologue; to make sure it is optimistic and kind. This is why I chose to paint over all of my unfinished, unhappy and unloved paintings. The technique I use is fun, fast-paced and messy (and often whilst dancing like a loony to loud Spanish or Bollywood music!)

I like to play around with a combination of materials and textures which more often than not turn out to be henna, tea, coffee, different papers, glue, acrylic, emulsion, ink, gouache and gold leaf with a little help from a lot of water. I find the only way is to dive straight in, not over think it, not worry about the carpets and ceilings and experiment lots and lots! 

Art for Sale

Send me a message here to ask me a question or make me an offer on an individual painting, click on a picture to enlarge it, or see it from other angles! 

Art for Sale
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