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The way I see things...

Personally I needed to be free of an academic environment to not so much grown up, but to grow organically as an artist. 

I wanted to see, feel, smell and experience life outside my bubble.


Young and alone, with all the confidence of youth I took myself off to the one place that has always fascinated me, the place that I created all of my homework projects around as a child, and the place where I could find an intensity of experience like no other. INDIA.


India has always been a part of me, even before stepping foot on hot, dry Indian soil I knew it would hold a special place in my heart, and after four intensive years of Indian travel and life I now know why.  

I settled in Rajasthan, the state of real-life Maharajahs, deserts, and entire cities of pink or blue, to run two guest houses and restaurants, but really this was all just a ruse to allow me to spend more time soaking up Incredible India. Rajasthan is known for its perfect henna producing weather, and I soon found myself trying to master the art of freehand Mehndi, which I have now been practicing for over 10 years.


I love that Henna gives me the opportunity to create publicly, and have my skin 'canvases' sent out into the world until they fade away. It has definitely gifted me with the confidence to work with an audience and an understanding of how to nurture my unique talent. 

In juxtaposition to the detailed, precision work of Mehndi, my bold abstract paintings give me the freedom of expression I often crave. 


My current creative phase is teaching me to be in the here and now, to trust my instincts, and to be conscious of my inner monologue; to make sure it is optimistic and kind. This is why I chose to paint over all of my unfinished, unhappy and unloved paintings. The technique I use is fun, fast-paced and messy (and often whilst dancing like a loony to loud Spanish or Bollywood music!)

I like to play around with a combination of materials and textures which more often than not turn out to be henna, tea, coffee, different papers, glue, acrylic, emulsion, ink, gouache and gold leaf with a little help from a lot of water. I find the only way is to dive straight in, not over think it, not worry about the carpets and ceilings and experiment lots and lots! 

Below you will see a select few of my many creative adventures over the past 12 years, (many of which I no longer have photographs of unfortunately), some better than others, but never the less all have had an important part to play in my creative consciousness. 

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