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Dear henna lover, 

Here you will find some set packages which are great if you know what you're looking for. However if you would like a more personal quote please contact me and I will have your tailor-made quote to you within a few hours. I will come to you with my freshly made organic henna cones and glitter at any time of any day. Please don't leave it too late to book because you may lose out on your perfect mehndi date! rtist ​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist 

Mehndi Parties or Pamper Events- £70 per hour (2 hr min)


One hour is enough time to complete an average of 10 simple strip designs. Most guests will have strips on both hands so that is 5 guests hennaed per hour. For most parties it is more sensible to pay per hour and let the guests choose the designs they would like. For other parties you may not know the number of guests who would like henna and therefore a more sensible option would be to pay per design. The choice is yours, however I do ask for a minimum of £120's worth of work per booking depending upon where you live. 

​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist 

Private Appointments- £70 minimum


Everyone's different, every parties different, and every mehndi design is different so it's hard to quote a specific price until we have talked about what you want. However as a rough guide I have listed the prices below, pick 'n' mix to your hearts content, all I do ask is that for private appointments you give me at least £60's worth of work per booking depending upon where you live. Make sure to contact me for a more accurate quote and to discuss plans!


Simple full hand design -one side £30

Strip design - one side £20 up to wrists

Body design - from £15

Strip design on one foot - £15

Henna Belly Blessing  - £70 minimum


A great way to take a moment & appreciate the little miracle that is about to enter your life. Alone in your Pj's or make it a big social event, either way you will feel thoroughly pampered and adorned. You could follow up with a bump photo shoot? Of course,  I only use organic lavender henna, safe for you and baby.

Professional Henna Artist mehndi Professional Henna Artist mehndi Professional Henna Artist mehndi Professional Henna Artist mehndi Professional Henna Artist mehndi Professional Henna 

Henna Belly Blessing
Charity Events, Fêtes, Fayre's & Festivals


Imagine the crowds flocking for a one-of-a-kind, fashionable henna tattoo at your event.

Mehndi By Nadia can be there with safe, natural henna poised for application.

Get in contact with your event information and we can discuss the details!

Professional Henna Artist mehndi Professional Henna Artist mehndi Professional Henna Artist mehndi Professional Henna Artist mehndi Professional Henna Artist mehndi Professional Henna 

Henna  Crowns 


I am offering 'pay what you feel' Henna Crowns to empower any one experiencing hair loss; through Alopecia or Chemotherapy for example. Many people have said it helps them to 'heal' and regain confidence. Please spread the word if you know anyone who would benefit from a henna crown and don't let money become a barrier. 

Emma says -"I can’t tell you how happy this has made me. I feel less ‘invisible’, people have connected, stopped to chat, held my hand and even asked if they can get one too. So much more than head décor"  (Find Emma's and others henna crowns on my social media pages)

Henna Crowns

Bridal Mehndi £70 per hour


Every bride is unique, every dress is different and so is every one of my mehndi designs. I have set about working out some packages for you to choose from, they can of course be varied to suit your needs. Please understand that a lot more skill, time, thought and intricacy goes into bridal mehndi designs which is reflected in the price. If you are looking for something less elaborate then please take a look at the prices above, or contact me for a tailor-made quote. 

All of my henna is freshly made in advance of your booking, with only organic ingredients to offer you the most natural, deep staining and comforting henna experience. 

Amethyst Bride - £140


This package best suits a contemporary bride who doesn't want too much mehndi, it includes simple but elegant bridal designs on both hands to the wrists, you can choose from either the top of your hands or the palms. Also trailing designs on both feet from your toes to below your ankles. Simple yet Stunning! 

Sapphire Bride - £280


This is the most popular package it includes intricate bridal designs on both the tops and the palms of both hands reaching 3 inches past your wrists. And a more full design on both feet. It will take approximately 3-4 hours to complete and will give an incredible result if applied 48 hours before the big day. 

Diamond Bride - £420


The ultimate in bridal mehndi packages which includes pre-approved intricate one-off designs tailor made to match the bridal gown. Both hands and arms to just below the elbow will be adorned along with feet and legs 3 inches past the ankle. If necessary a patch design to check for stain results will be applied one month before the big day, and if desired rhinestones and glitter can be included.

*Please Note* This package will normally take between 5 and 8 hours to complete, please be prepared to sit and be adorned for quite some time! If you want to achieve the deepest and darkest colour for your mehndi it is advised to apply it 48-72 hours before your big day. 

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