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Teach yourself to henna with these comprehensive work sheets...


Nadia has put together a booklet of 14 x A4 pages to get you started on creating your very own professional-looking henna designs. You will learn a little about the background of henna, as well as best practices, basic elements, complicated grids, how to compose a design and some top tips and tricks from her 12 years’ experience. 


‘Nadia's passion for henna comes across on each page leaving you inspired and dedicated to improving your practice.’


Nadia has run many workshops in Norfolk, and this booklet is an enhanced version to allow you to learn and practice safely from your own home. It would also make the perfect art project for those home-schooling, with endless hours of practice to be had! 


When things have returned to some kind of normal Nadia will arrange physical henna workshops,

and this will be the place to find them!

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