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Hello Beautiful, 
It would be my absolute pleasure to spend precious time with you just a few days before your big day! I have been lucky enough to spend time with many brides over my last 15 years of henna-ing, and if you are still a little unsure about your bridal mehndi please read the testimonials from some lovely ladies below.  Henna Artist ​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist 

Sabrina  - Oxnead Hall


'Nadia was absolutely incredible! Super talented, helpful, and friendly. My bridal mehndi was the most beautiful I've ever seen and I cannot thank Nadia enough. From the start, communication was very easy and Nadia answered my (many!) questions. I sent pictures of styles that I liked and asked if she could incorporate a pheasant and a peacock to symbolise the coming together of Indian and English cultures. From this, Nadia created the most stunning and intricate design. I could not have dreamed of anything more perfect. I had my menhdi done two days prior to the wedding and the result was a beautifully dark stain on our wedding day. We also booked Nadia for our henna evening the night before the big day, it was a fairly big event but Nadia managed to get through all our guests no problem. Our guests were absolutely thrilled with their elegant strip designs and all commented on how lovely Nadia is. I cannot recommend Nadia highly enough, she truly is the best!'

​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist 


Anila Barn Drift


'Nadia did my bridal mehndi and also came back to do our guests for our mehndi party which was happening the night before the wedding. The whole experience of getting it done was wonderful - Nadia was SO calm, warm, and kind. I felt instantly relaxed and comfortable. I knew I was in safe hands! Nadia carefully talked through the designs I had sent to her and created her own version which was a masterpiece. The colour came out so rich and vibrant for both the henna party and the main wedding day. The mehndi designs completed for my family and guests were also just beautiful - my mum was particularly over the moon! Thank you so much Nadia, it truly was, and will be, a memory and experience my family and I will cherish forever. 


​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist 

Hayley - Holkham Hall


'I absolutely LOVED my bridal mehndi and the whole experience of working with Nadia. She was easy to contact, very happy to answer any questions and advised when the best time would be to have the mehndi applied to ensure it would be at its peak for the wedding day with a nice dark stain. I sent over photos of mehndi designs that I particularly liked and Nadia drew a bespoke design that included all the elements I had chosen. It sounds a bit over the top but I was so thrilled with the design and I’m still looking back at the photos of my hands and arms in awe! I really enjoyed having the mehndi applied and found it very relaxing.

The smell of the natural henna was lovely and soothing. Lots of my family came round to see what was happening and Nadia was very friendly and answered all their questions! Before she left, Nadia gave a lot of very helpful advice on how to look after the mehndi so that it would look great on the wedding day. I had a really nice dark stain from the natural henna and everyone wanted to have a closer look. I think my favourite photos from the wedding are the ones with my henna. We’ve had a lot of comments from our Indian suppliers on the high quality of Nadia's design and henna.

I couldn’t recommend Nadia enough and I can’t wait to have more mehndi designs!

We also booked Nadia for our mehndi party the night before the wedding. She is excellent value for money. She worked really hard all night and all our guests loved their designs. Thank you!'

​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist 



 'When I started looking for mehndi facilities in Norwich, I was really excited to discover Nadia which was not just offering lovely designs but also was very much familiar with Asian designs and expectations. Communicating with her was very easy. She advised to get the designs done at least 72 hours before the event, which I reluctantly agreed to and now very glad I did. On the day, the colours was just the way I wanted it to and lasted for over a week afterwards with same intensity. Nadia is very creative and can make for you whatever style you like for yourself. We had a few other friends and enjoyed the few hours a lot. I strongly recommend hiring Nadia’s services for your big day, you sure won’t regret making this choice.'

Professional Henna Artist mehndi Professional Henna Artist mehndi Professional Henna Artist mehndi Professional Henna Artist mehndi Professional Henna Artist mehndi Professional Henna 

Priya  -Norwich Castle

 ' Nadia created the most incredible designs for my wedding day. I couldn't have asked for anything more beautiful. We had a few consultations, exchanging pictures and ideas which Nadia completely took on board.

I was given lots of information beforehand hand and during the application and felt totally confident that Nadia would create exactly what I wanted.


I had a great time during my mehndi application and had a henna/ mehndi 'hen' night and everyone loved Nadia's artistry.

Overall I found Nadia professional, friendly and extremely talented in her art. The quality of her products were very good, the final colour was beautiful and she completed my Indian bridal style perfectly. I couldn't recommend her more.'Henna Artist mehndi Professional Henna Artist mehndi Professional Henna Artist mehndi Professional Henna Artist mehndi Professional Henna Artist mehndi Professional Henna 

Bridal Mehndi

 ' I wanted a small mendhi party where me and my guests could have henna done and have some food. I can't sit still for long so I chose a simple pattern, Nadia was very quick to do my hands and other guests who have never had henna before. Nadia blended into the small party effortlessly and provided advice on how to ensure the henna was long lasting, I highly recommend Artist mehndi Professional Henna Artist mehndi Professional Henna Artist mehndi Pssional Henna Artist mehndi Professional Henna Artist mehndi Professional Henna 

Bridal Mehndi £70 per hour


Every bride is unique, every dress is different and so is every one of my mehndi designs. I have set about working out some packages for you to choose from, they can of course be varied to suit your needs. Please understand that a lot more skill, time, thought and intricacy goes into bridal mehndi designs which is reflected in the price. If you are looking for something less elaborate then to simplify things I charge £70 per hour, or contact me for a tailor-made quote. 

All of my henna is freshly made in advance of your booking, with only organic ingredients to offer you the most natural, deep staining and comforting henna experience. 

Amethyst Bride - £140


This package best suits a contemporary bride who doesn't want too much mehndi, it includes simple but elegant bridal designs on both hands to the wrists, you can choose from either the top of your hands or the palms. Also trailing designs on both feet from your toes to below your ankles. Simple yet Stunning! 

Sapphire Bride - £280


This is the most popular package it includes intricate bridal designs on both the tops and the palms of both hands reaching 3 inches past your wrists. And a more full design on both feet. It will take approximately 3-4 hours to complete and will give an incredible result if applied 48 hours before the big day. 

Diamond Bride - £420


The ultimate in bridal mehndi packages which includes pre-approved intricate one-off designs tailor made to match the bridal gown. Both hands and arms to just below the elbow will be adorned along with feet and legs 3 inches past the ankle. If necessary a patch design to check for stain results will be applied one month before the big day, and if desired rhinestones and glitter can be included.

*Please Note* This package will normally take between 5 and 8 hours to complete, please be prepared to sit and be adorned for quite some time! If you want to achieve the deepest and darkest colour for your mehndi it is advised to apply it 48-72 hours before your big day. 

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