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Inspired by the cycles of life this hand-carved and hand-printed lino cut was made around Beltane 2020. An extraordinary time which marks the first day of summer; abundant with fertility, creativity and growth for the season ahead. This time also brings together the sky and the earth, the sky here represented in the sun, stars and cycles of the moon, and the earth represented by soil, seeds and the germination of a sunflower. The rays from the sun knit earth and sky together in loving union much like Flora the Goddess of Spring and the Green Man who were hand-fast at Beltane. 


Within the borders of this print are tribal north african symbols, representing the Berber goddess Tanit, the 'frog' for fertility, and 'skeletons' used in traditional magic. 


 - Limited edition of 20 lino prints - 


Printed on 220gsm light ivory watercolour paper with lightfast oil based non-toxic inks - choose from either black or indigo. Image size 10 x 15 cm, paper size 13 x 18 cm.

These are all hand-made and hand-printed so there will be slight variations from the images shown, I hope you can find beauty in these imperfections. 


Buy all three prints as a set here, and get a discount! 


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