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These perfectly rolled empty cones can be filled with a number of different things try;

  • Mixing your own henna paste to your own recipe, fill cones and get to work!
  • Filling with paint for exercising your artistic skills (just keep them in an air tight container to re-use)
  • Filling them with different colour icing to decorate biscuits or cakes
  • Filling them with moisturiser to practice henna designs without the lasting effects! 
  • Finding your own use!


  • Once filled they will be 18-20g cones - the perfect size for most artists to use comfortably
  • 0.5mm cone tip - a versatile opening to allow for both intricate and bold designs 
  • BIODEGRADABLE henna cones - will biodegrade within 3 - 5 years in normal temperatures and light conditions. 




Empty Biodegradable Cone

  • Due to the perishable nature of fresh henna returns can not be accepted unless damaged in transport. Please contact me if this is the case. 

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