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This gold stone glows beautifully through the white lacey mandala. The centre of the mandala is the Asanoha pattern - this traditional japenese pattern represents hemp leaves. Hemp grows with strong vitality and without too much care and attention, so this pattern is often used on childrens clothes in the hope they will do the same! It's a tricky geometric design to freehand but I hope the photo does this beautiful #LoveRock justice! 


This stone was hand-piped with no guidelines; it’s an organic shape and the design wraps perfectly around the ostrich egg shaped rock! 


There are many uses for this #LoveRock, but most importantly it’s beautiful and serves as a welcome reminder to live with vitality! 


This #LoveRock should be kept indoors unless you want to coat it in a waterproof varnish first, it is pretty hardy, it is a rock after all, but at the end of the day it is hand-decorated and no assurances can be made for its durability.



10% of this sale will go towards supplying food to a local Norfolk food bank to help those in need; because of Covid-19 or any other personal crisis.


The profit from the other 90% will help Nadia and her business survive through these worrying times.


“Pretty for you, support for me, help for others and karma points for us both, thank you, I am universally grateful” – Nadia : )


‘Please don’t worry, I’ve got you’ –The Universe x

Goldy Lacey Mandala

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