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Limited edition of hand-carved lino prints, 'The Time is Now' is from the principals of a life changing book by Eckhart Tolle called 'The Power of Now' - which teaches us to realise deeply that the present moment is all there ever really is, and to live completely in the present at one with the universe. 


Within the borders of this print are symbols related to the NOW, specifically the lō kahi (unity, agreement). The Hawaiian symbol that represents this is shaped by the union of three tooth-like black triangles with an inverted white triangle in their centre. This idea is strongly related to an important concept in Polynesian cultures: people, Nature and the spirits are all parts of a unique identity and none of them can prosper without the others. Reinforcing the idea that we must be at one with the universe for us all to prosper. 


 - Limited edition of 20 lino prints - 


Printed on 220gsm light ivory watercolour paper with lightfast oil based non-toxic inks - choose from either black or indigo. Image size 10 x 15 cm, paper size 13 x 18 cm


These are all hand-made and hand-printed so there will be slight variations from the images shown, I hope you can find beauty in these imperfections.


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