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This is quite a personal print for me, but I hope you will resonate with it too. We have a very old apple tree in our garden, with the tastiest apples I have ever eaten; it's one of my favourite things about our home. 


I have distant Reiki from Jo (Ayrana Reiki) once a week, and I am always drawn to sit below this tree for a moment of peace, gratitude and reflection after a session. It reminds me of the sky above me, the earth below me and my connection to both. 


In our session I imagine myself below the branches with one triangle directing energy down from the universe through my chakras gathering divine consciousness. The others grounding me to the earth, tethering me to the roots of our old apple tree and balancing the male and female energies within my chakras. Look at the meanings behind the 7 chakra symbols to discover more within this print. 


The full moon reminds me of the infinite divine, the cyclical nature of my body and the universe.

The three triangles represent the unity of Mind/Body/Spirit & People/Nature/Spirit & Past/Present/Future & Acceptance/Enjoyment/Enthusiasm & Maiden/Mother/Crone... (insert your own trio of importance!)


And if that wasn't enough I have included some ancient tribal symbols for magic and fertility.  


 - Limited edition of 20 lino prints - 


Printed on 220gsm light ivory watercolour paper with lightfast oil based non-toxic inks - choose from either black or indigo. Image size 10 x 15 cm, paper size 13 x 18 cm


These are all hand-made and hand-printed so there will be slight variations from the images shown, I hope you can find beauty in these imperfections.

Old Apple Tree

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