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'Sacred Sunflowers' is my most intricately carved lino print to date. I have used an A5 piece of lino and a 1mm cutting tool to carve sacred geometry and ancient symbology. There is something incredible about the seed head of a sunflower -it follows the fibonacci sequence -which I have attempted to recreate here in lino form! I was inspired to carve a variety of symbols within the border, from the obvious; sun, moon, stars and (protection from) the evil eye to the less obvious magical symbols of north african tribes for protection, fertility, prosperity and unity.


 - Limited edition of 20 lino prints per colour-


Printed on 220gsm light ivory watercolour paper with lightfast oil based non-toxic inks - choose from Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, or Violet.

Print size 15 x 20cm (A5), paper size 18 x 24 cm - these will be hand-printed to order so if you would like a different variation on the colour (for example a greeny-blue) please let me know in 'notes' at checkout. This also means you will need to be patient to allow the oil based ink to dry before I can post it. 


These are all hand-made and hand-printed so there will be slight variations from the images shown, I hope you can find beauty in these imperfections.

Sacred Sunflowers

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