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Hello Beautiful,

                                 Thanks for checking out my page, if you would like to be a part of my journey from temporary henna to permanent henna (aka tattoos) please fill in the form below.

I am working on updating this page with more information and photos for you but for now there is a few simple things you need to know…


I will be tattooing only one or two days a week in a private room in the centre of Norwich (not too far from the market) for the foreseeable future, so please be aware it could be a little while before I get to do your tattoo.


I only feel comfortable to create tattoo's that are of a traditional henna/mehndi ornamental style; the style that I have 12 years of experience in (please see my henna work for examples). Please respect this and only contact me if you are truly interested in my style of work. As you may know, I am new to the tattoo world, I have my certification, licences and insurance but any tattoo you have done would be with the understanding that you are helping me to build my currently limited portfolio.Once I have responded to your enquiry with a quote I will require a non-refundable deposit to spend time sketching ideas for you, this deposit will go towards the cost of your tattoo, without this your appointment will not be confirmed.

Now that all the serious stuff is out of the way I want to express how grateful I am to be given the opportunity to permanently adorn your body. I am realising now how much I appreciate human connection, I love the intimacy and sacred bond that henna encourages between me and you and I want to make sure I bring that with me into the ancient art of tattooing as well. I will offer the option of a free-style, intuitive design created with a rotary machine, or by the slower, more organic, traditional method of hand-poke; we can talk about what would be the right fit for you.


Please do fill out the form below as thoroughly as possible, I can not accept any other kind of tattoo enquiry; it's too confusing to have messages scattered across different platforms and I wouldn’t want to miss you!


Your faith and patience is appreciated, I look forward to creating beautiful art with you!

ist ​Henna Artist ​Henna Artist 


Nadia's tattoo design
I'm still interested …

Thanks for your interest, please be patient with me...due to the large amount of enquiries it could take me up to 4 weeks to respond. Please do not contact me again unless you haven't heard anything after 4 weeks. Thank you, Nadia xox

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