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We all need some of those good vibes right now and the world needs us all to radiate positive vibes all day long. Keep this #LoveRock close by for a regular reminder to;


'Radiate Positive Vibes'. 


The words are created by hand-piping paint onto the surface of the stone. 


This stone was hand-piped with no guidelines; it’s an organic shape but the shape may differ slightly from the stone pictured. 


There are many uses for this #LoveRock, but most importantly it’s beautiful and serves as a welcome reminder. 


This #LoveRock should be kept indoors unless you want to coat it in a waterproof varnish first, it is pretty hardy, it is a rock after all, but at the end of the day it is hand-decorated and no assurances can be made for its durability.



10% of this sale will go towards supplying food to a local Norfolk food bank to help those in need; because of Covid-19 or any other personal crisis.


The profit from the other 90% will help Nadia and her business survive through these worrying times.


“Pretty for you, support for me, help for others and karma points for us both, thank you, I am universally grateful” – Nadia : )


‘Please don’t worry, I’ve got you’ –The Universe x

Radiate Positive Vibes (Daisy)

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