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A gorgeous blend of floral sweet smelling rose geranium, herby cajeput with the woody aroma of natural henna powder; so alluring! Rose geranium essential oil is balancing for the mind and body. It relaxes, restores and maintains stability of the emotions. Whilst Cajeput gives the henna a deep, rich mahogany stain. 


Your paste will be sent in a large icing bag filled with 380g - 400g of fresh paste, enough to make 20-40 fresh henna cones (depending on size) - saving you more than 50% on the equivalant in ready made cones. 


  • Every order is freshly made
  • Deep rich henna stains guaranteed with proper aftercare
  • Triple sifted henna powder, which has been strained after mixing for smooth flowing henna paste; no more clogged cones and henna cone love puffs ; ) 
  • 100% pure, natural and safe product with no chemicals or PPD
  • 100% Organic Henna powder used


Rose Geranium: essential oil is a fresh floral and sweet smelling oil which is used for both its fragrance, and cleansing properties. It is suitable for almost all skin types and is an excellent skin freshener and astringent. Rose geranium essential oil is balancing for the mind and body. It relaxes, restores and maintains stability of the emotions.
Nadia's rose geranium essential oil originates from South Africa and is extracted by steam distillation of the flowers, leaves and stalks of the herb. 


Cajeput: (Melaleuca leucadendron cajaputi) oil is a versatile antiseptic and clearing essential oil that can also be used effectively as an inhalant during the cold season. Cajeput essential oil has a fresh, camphoraceous-medicinal aroma with a fruity body note and is very similar to eucalyptus, but softer with a hint of herb. 

Nadia's cajeput essential oil originates from Vietnam and is extracted from steam distillation from the fresh leaves of the plant Melaleuca leucadendron. 



Safety: Cajeput essential oil may cause skin irritation in some individuals & Rose Geranium essential oil should be avoided during early pregnancy. It is a possible irritant to sensitive skin or in strong dilution. It is reported that rose geranium essential oil can cause insomnia if overused. Avoid long term use with history of estrogen-dependent cancer.

Although the incidence of skin allergy is low in using natural henna; even natural products can be a source of allergen. This henna paste is safe for use on children over 10 years old and people who are not pregnant or breastfeeding. Henna is not safe for infants with G6PD deficiency, more information about G6PD and Henna is available here.


Please always patch test 24 hours before use, if any irritation occurs wash with water and seek medical advice.  


Rose Geranium & Cajeput - 380g Fresh Henna Paste

  • Due to the perishable nature of fresh henna returns can not be accepted unless damaged in transport. Please contact me if this is the case. 

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